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Email Spam and Virus Protection

SecureTide®  blocks 99 percent of spam and viruses, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe.  Daily Held Spam Reports let you see the spam you're (not) missing.


Don’t just detect breaches, prevent them with SonicWall next-generation firewalls and award-winning network security solutions. Stop ransomware, encrypted threats and phishing attacks, over not only wired but also wireless and mobile networks. 

Email Encryption

With email encryption, send confidential data with confidence and avoid compliance issues.

Device Encryption

Data protection is important.  Device encryption is an important part of a comprehensive data security plan.  


Jupiter-2’s Managed Antivirus helps to keep both known and emerging malware off workstations and servers. Our antivirus feature not only stays up to date with the latest threats using traditional signature-based protection, but also protects against new viruses using sophisticated heuristic checks and behavioral scanning. With new threats created each day, businesses can protect themselves by using these proactive methods to help ensure rock solid malware protection.

Email Archiving

Maintain an easily accessible archive of messages and documents that can be searched, verified and audited.

Backup is a critical part of protecting any business data. Jupiter-2 takes a multi-layered approach.  We can back up files, folders, or complete images for any device both on site and securely to the cloud.  Our hosted Exchange Email is maintained on redundant servers with 30 days of history. 

Disaster Recovery
Web Protection

Jupiter-2 Web Protection keeps your workforce secure and productive. It goes beyond enterprise antivirus software and firewalls by letting you set your own content-filtering policies, website blacklists, time and content based browsing policies. 

Patch Management 

Jupiter-2 decreases security risks and limits service interruptions by ensuring Microsoft, manufacturer and 3rd party patches get applied, controlling what gets patched and when.