Not many things can kill a

company overnight.

Data loss and business interruption can cost you thousands and put you out of business in a matter of hours

Every Business has different systems, requirements and resources.

Whether it's caused by a power failure in your building, disgruntled employee, accident,  virus, or ransom-ware locking you out of your system, the result is the same: your business is compromised.

At Jupiter-2 we are committed to keeping you up and running.  

We provide a comprehensive range of disaster recovery services that protect your data from today's most dangerous and pervasive threats.

Jupiter-2 offers comprehensive packages to ensure complete coverage and can also work to customize our solutions to  your unique requirements.  We can set you up with one or a combination of the following:

  • A Comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery solution, including hardware, software,  and offsite storage

  • Server system state and file backup

  • Individual computer backup

  • Exchange backup

  • Experts to manage your backups and the recovery process